General guidelines
  1. If you haven't used our new instruments yet and are planning to do so, do not hesitate to contact Jari ( before proceeding!
  2. Do not overbook. Consider how much time you will need for your experiments carefully. Avoid booking the same instrument for several consecutive days in a week.
  3. Avoid long experiments during working hours, do them preferably overnight or during the weekend.
  4. Be on time! If the person who has made the reservation hasn’t started during 15 minutes from the start of his/her reservation, anyone is free to use the instrument for the first hour of the missed reservation. If the experiment is not started during the first hour of the reservation, anyone is free to use the instrument for the remainder of the reservation.
  5. Cancel or shorten your reservation immediately if you do not need it, someone else might.
After your reservation
  1. Fill the logbook!
  2. Clean the table.
  3. Liquid state probe must be switched back, if a solid state probe has been used.
  4. Instrument temperature should be at 298 K, if non-standard temperatures have been used.
mr. NMR

The reservation admistrator has the right to cancel anyone’s reservations in the case of ignorance of the guidelines listed above!
Which instrument should I choose?
LC/MS experiments:
Routine NMR experiments (basic HNMR, CNMR, 1D and 2D):
TYBruker500 and AABruker500
Solid state NMR experiments:
X-nuclei (such as 13C, 15N or 31P), low concentration samples or polymers
Low consentration samples and proton detected 2D spectra:
Samples with poor stability that need a precooled sample changer (fe. biofluids)
TYBruker600cryo, TYBruker400 and AABruker500cryo

User Guide

reservation GIF
Making a new reservation
  1. Choose the instrument
  2. Click + drag over the desired timeslot.
  3. Add details (only if neccessary !)
  4. Confirm your reservation
reservation GIF
Modify your reservation
  1. Drag from the tab to resize
  2. Drag and drop to move your reservation into a new timeslot
  3. Click your selection to modify details or time or Delete your selection
  4. You can only modify your own reservations, but you can click on other reservations to view more info on them.


Android and iOS supported. Some versions of Windows Phone have trouble interacting with the calendar. To make a reservation on your mobile device, touch and hold a timeslot for a second, then drag down to define length of reservation. You can still adjust the reservation time from the selectors in the dialog.